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at 5:59, breaking news. just off the beltway in mont formry county, a man and woman are dead in a motorcycle crash. the ramp from inner loop to river road is closed. tracee wilkins joins us live with the very latest. good morning, tracy. >> reporter: good morning, joe. yes, this was a double fatal accident. look behind me. you can see state troopers are still on the scene investigating. as you said, a man and woman killed. both on that motorcycle. this was a single motorcycle crash. in other vehicles were involved. but because of that the ramp has been closed all morning long. this happened at 2:50 a.m. if you're trying to take the inner road exit you'll not be able to enter at this point. with more information on exactly how to do that jerry edwards will have that for us in just a bet. live on the beltway. back to you all in the studio. >> all right.
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tracee, that you can. tell us about how to get around this mess. >> you have a couple options. it is going to cause delays. take the inner loop north on the 270 spur. after that, turn around and go south. that will make the trip a little bit easier for you. stay with theern loop georgetown road inner loop to wisconsin avenue are viable options. with the ramp closed it could be a problem. the ramp from the outer loop to go in on river road that does remain open. out in warrenton, virginia, 29 remains closed. new traffic pattern on the north of town. notice new lanes. one more stop. 395, another new traffic pattern at the 14th street bridge. pay attention to the signs and
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the lane markings and you'll be all right. heading out to catch a train, good to go. metro, vre, marc, no delays. joe, eun. >> thanks very much, jerry. >> 6:01. the other big story, we are in the middle of a heat wave. it is already steamy out there at 73 degrees. >> and as the sun rises so will the temperatures. soon just being outside could be dangerous for a lot of folks. be careful out there this morning. >> and this afternoon especially. we're just not acclimated to the heat yet. this is really setting the stage for some dangerous weather here this afternoon. we'll be approaching 100 degrees by this afternoon. if you have to be outside, take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water. it's pleasant. 60s no near 70. hazy sunshine. live picture there from our sky watcher cam rafplt 300 feet above nest e washington.
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by 9:00, near 80. by noon, near 90. upper 90s by midafternoon. record high, 98. and we'll be right near the record high. it will feel like 100 to 105 when you consider the humidity. it will be higher today than it was yesterday. by 5:00, still uncomfortably hot. it will be in the mid-90s by then. not much of a cooldown tonight. we'll look at your night planner at 6:11. crews in the district are picking up trash in order to avoid the day's heat. if you're driving the district you will have to contend with recycling trucks today. the department of health wants to protect the health of its workers >> more than 100 people are displaced after this fire in prince george's county. firefighters rescued a woman and baby from the top floor as flames shot lieu the roof. the fire start in the sutton
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rock apartments in new carolton late last night. they were on the second floor and it made it impossible to weave through the inside of the stairwell. people ran to their balconies and windows yelling for help p. residents took quick action to help their neighbors. i heard people screaming. and i was looking on the balcony to see if anybody was trying to jump out. neighbors went around front to help out. >> 60 families from four apartment buildings are displaced. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. well, today the driver of that tour bus that overturned and killed four people will appear in court. ken chung will appear in court on four felony counts of involuntary manslaughter. investigate orgs say he was fatigued when the sky express bus he was driving swerved off the highway and overturned off richmond in 95. 58 people on board. four women from new york,
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philadelphia, new jersey were killed. chung is being held without bond. today we'll find out what's tpebgs for a d.c. council member accused of corruption. the entire council met behind closed doors to discuss ward 5 member harry thomas jr.'s situation. he is accused of spending $300,000 of city money on a lavish trip and suv. d.c. attorney general filed a lawsuit. and educating the workforce. he will head over to alexandria and push for efforts to enter into the manufacturing industry. german chance hrar angela merkel continues her visit to the united states today. last night she was honored at a state dinner and president obama offered a toast to praise her efforts to spread democracy. >> to freedom which must be struggled for and then defended
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anew. every day of our lives. >> they enjoyed the warm weather, dining al fresca on the rose garden. they enjoyed the warm weather, dining al fresco and were treated to entertainment from the national symphony orchestra and grammy award-winning james taylor. and the menu was first class in honor of the chancellor. four-course meal of tuna tartare, vegetables from the white house gardens and petite filet for the main course and apple strudel for dessert. yummy. i could eat that right now, joe. >> we'll see if we can get it for you. the new security measures for this year's u.s. open at congressional. who police are now talking to in the case of a missing college student. the royal newlyweds. wills and kate looking for a few good men and women. get ready to sweat today.
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how hot it will feel due to the combination of
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finds wade. miller. miller puts it up. air ball. and that's it. mavericks have evened the series. >> you couldn't stay up. once again missed a great ending
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to an nba finals game. overcame a nine-point deficit and high fever that plagued know sreuts to to earn the win over the miami heat. mavericks will try to give one more at home thursday before heading back to south beach. >> great game. >> it is. good series, too. >> exactly. all right. live look outside at 74 degrees out there. th doesn't seem that warm. take a look outside. hazy skies. bright sunshine. it is going to heat up and get dangerous hot today. >> just look at that sun through that haze. you know you want to hide under the bed today. let's go to tom kierein and storm center 4. >> we climb into the upper 90s to near 100 degrees. good morning. it's pleasant now, know. mid-60s suburbs and rural areas. weather watchers checking in. thanks for checking in early on
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this wednesday morning. mid-70s in washington. by the bay, there's the sunrise. tower camera looking off to the east. and by 9:00 near 80. near 90 by noon. upper 90s by midafternoon. and it will feel like 100 to 105 with humidity. here's your night planner. not much relief this evening. in fact, by 7:00 it will still be 90 degrees. by 11:00 this evening, back down to near 80 and getting more comfortable. by dawn, down into the low to mid-70s. another hot day tomorrow. relief on the way from friday into the weekend. those details coming up at 6:21. jerry, how is traffic. >> we continue to follow breaking news in montgomery county where authorities continue to investigate a deadly motorcycle accident that occurred in the early morning hours. looking at live pictures chopper 4 over the scene. ramp from the inner loop to go inbound, which is completely closed off.
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you can see investigators are still on the scene right now. the ramp is completely closed. travel up the 270 spur northbound to democracy boulevard, turn around and head south. it's important to note the ramp from the outer loop is open. the ramp from the inner loop to go inbound is the ramp that is closed. of course old georgetown road, cabin john parkway, wisconsin avenue, clara barton all viability options. that is very good news. one more stop 395 northbound painfully slow early on. the accident we told you about in the h.o.v. lanes north of seminary out of the roadway. flashing lights may still be a distraction as evidenced by the delays. out to catch a train good to go. metro, vre, marc, no delays. >> thanks, jerry. we have 75 degrees at 6:12. the unusual defense in a deadly hit and run accident trial in the district. you know what a two-and
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three-alarm fire looked like. what started this massive fire
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welcome back at 6:156789
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check out these flames. investigators are trying to figure out what caused this mill fire in rhode island. the century old mill collapsed in the eight-alarm fire. the fire forced families in the area to evacuate and left more than 1,000 people without power overnight. at least one firefighter was taken to the hospital. the mill was vacant at the time. it hasn't been used since 2009. the firefighters are work to go get the upper hand on a wildfire on the border of new mexico. so far it's charred 500 square miles and threatening homes. strong winds are fanning the flames. this morning congressman anthony weiner has yet to respond to calls for him to design. it comes two days after the democrat admitted he lied about sending a lewd picture to someone on twitter. house minority leader nancy
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pelosi sent a letter asking for an investigation. others in congress want him to step down. >> we have a code of conduct we have to follow. so it's i much higher standard than people realize. republicans are also calling for more than a dozen house democrats to return campaign combinations from weiner. a search right now for a missing college student. lauren went to indiana university. she's from new york. the 20-year-old was last seen leaving a friend's apartment last friday. friends and family held a vigil for her. they believe her case of disappearance is foul play. a self-pro claimed psychic has some explaining to do. she called in about dismembered bodies at a farm in texas. it turned out to be nothing. investigators want to talk with
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that tipster who called in the so-called tip into a deadly stabbing of a 12-year-old honor student in gaithersburg. she was found dead last week inside her family's townhome. they're not sure if the girl was killed by someone she knew or a stranger. wen was a sixth grader and was a straight a student. >> emotions ran high as a trial began against david son. she's accused of hitting and killing 24-year-old kila ryan with her car last year in the dupont circle area. davidson's defense attorney say she was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder when she hit the woman and drove home. she suffered from childhood trauma after growing up in worn-torn albania. security is going to be very tight. no cell phones or tapl ras allowed at congressional country
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club once the tournament begins. and fans will have to go through a security checkpoint before they can even board a bus to get to the club. montgomery county police say things have changed since the last time congressional hosted that open. >> this is a marquis event. it's not just a local or national event. this has international attention. the last time the u.s. open was at congressional was 1997. things have changed. the world has changed since then. >> the 2011 u.s. open begins on monday. and for all things u.s. open logon to well, if you were hoping for a tiger woods sighting when the open companies to town, you are out of luck. he announced via twitter he will not play in the open next week. this is the shot where woods hurt himself in april during the third round of the masters. he tweaked his knee and achilles and decided to sit out a month
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and try again at the players championship. he made it through nine holes before dropping out of the tournament. he admitted his injuries have not healed enough to play. better to rest and recuperate. >> a lot of disappointed golf fans in our area. hoping for some tiger action. >> i'm sure they were. tom kierein joins us here. tom? >> good weather for the start of the u.s. open next week. we'll have a break from your heat. but we are going to have a day with excessive heat and high humidity. so dress accordingly as you head off to work and school on this wednesday morning. right now it's pleasant. though we're in the six throughout most of virginia and maryland. we've got some hazy sunshine up now. live picture from the sky watcher camera. northwest washington in the foreground. downtown off in the distance. the horizon is prince george's county. and temperatures by 9:00 near # 0. near 90 by noon time. it will feel like 100 to 105 by midafternoon with the heat and humidity.
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temperatures climbing into the upper 90s by then. by 5:00, mid-90s. through this evening it's going to be a warm night. by dawn, low 70s. hot day on thursday. hazy sunshine. highs near 100. there's a small chance of an isolated thunderstorm late in the day. maybe tomorrow morning. then on friday, partly sunny. highs near 90. he might get a morning shower or afternoon thunderstorm. mostly cloudy. both saturday and sunday. chance of a morning shower or afternoon thunderstorm. then starting off next week, we should dry out. we'll have seasonal temperatures. how is traffic? >> we continue to follow breaking news in maryland. ramp from the inner loop of the beltway to go in on river road remains closed. chopper 4 over the scene as a deadly motorcycle accident occurred this morning. ramp from the inner loop to inbound river road is closed. show you on a map a couple of options for you. clara barton, cabin john parkway will work for you. inner loop, up the 270 spur, democracy boulevard, turn around and come back south on the outer
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loop. the ramp from the outer loop to inbound river road is open. again, the ramp from the inner loop that does remain closed while the investigation continues. rush hour picking up a lot of volume out there now. 66 had a couple problems earlier on out of manassas. all the travel lanes are open. pockets of congestion trying to get to fair oaks and virginia. again, travel lanes available for you. it's a beautiful thing. metro, vre, marc, reporting no delays. >> all right. thank you, jerry. >> 6:22. 77 degrees. icc responds to complaints from neighbors about traffic problems. >> the royals are hiring. before you update your
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welcome back. the rate of e. coli case is dropping. there's been a significant drop but it's not time to sound the all clear. spain, italy and france are demanding compensation for tpafrplers hit with huge losses. farmers are angry price for their crops collapsed after being blamed by german health officials for the outbreak that killed 24 people and affected 2,400. the source of the contamination has not been traced and it may never be known >> you too can work for the royal newly weds. the duke and duchess of looking
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for a house keeper and dresser. the duchess will personally interview the hopefuls before her trip across the pond on june 30th >> put these pants on one leg at a time. it's very easy. >> what a gig. >> 6:26. # 7 degrees. the secret get away for high-profile people. >> it may determine how and where you shop. >> meteorologist tom kierein will let you know when the
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6:29 now. breaking news just off the beltway, montgomery county. two people are dead in a violent motorcycle crash. >> the ramp from the inner loop to river road is closed as police investigate. tracee wilkins is live at the scene. she has an update. >> reporter: maryland state troopers tell me they will be opening the road momentarily, possibly by 6:45. you can see the road is still closed at this point. the ramp to river road. but, again, that could be changing momentarily. this is all the report of a motorcycle crash. a man and woman both killed here at the scene.
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not even transported. maryland state troopers died here after this single vehicle accident involving just one motorcycle. the road has been closed since 2:50 a.m. they are continuing their investigation. but as we said just a moment ago it looks like the road will be opening momentarily. but for now if you still have to get around this mess to get to work this morning here's what you can do. jerry edwards has more information on that. jerry. >> tracee, a couple of options for you. here's the inner loop to inbound river road. that's the ramp that's closed. use clara barton parkway, cabin john, or north on 270 spur to democracy boulevard, turn around, south on 270 spur to the outer loop. ramp from the outer loop to inbound river road. that ramp does remain open. no delays. chopper 4 remains on the scene. here's the inner loop of the beltway. with the ramp closed things are
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beginning to back up. outer loop, all your travel lanes are open. this could change any minute. we of course will keep you updated. rush hour quite busy. outer loop delays to georgia avenue. travel lanes open. no accidents of incidents to report there. and looks pretty good considering the lane shift of the 14th street bridge causing a little confusion. take it easy. all travel lanes will take you to the southeast-southwest freeway. left side of the barrier to lower 14th street. metro, vre, marc, no delays. >> jerry, thank you. >> 6:31. the other big story, dangerous heat wave in the area. take a look at the sunshine out in the sky. >> it just looks hot right now. 77 degrees here in northwest washington. but that sun is going to bake us and steam us later on today. >> yeah. we're not used to this early season heat wave. so there is a danger of heat stroke which is deadly. heat is the number one weather killer. we just are not -- most people
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don't take it that seriously. oh, it's just kind of a hot afternoon. but you really do have to take this kind of heat versely, especially early in the season. right now it's pleasant. if you have to felt your exercise in, now is the time to do. near 70 in washington. by the way, low 70s. near 60 in western maryland, much of west virginia. we have a mostly clear sky. a lot of haze in the air. the humidity has increased. air quality will decareer. with stag tphapt air this afternoon we go to code orange this afternoon. unhealthy air quality. if you have a heart or respiratory problem, stay inside. look at the summer haze. you can't even see the monument. the haze thickened up the last couple hours. near 80 by 9:00. near 90 by noon. by midafternoon, upper 90s. record high today 98. it will feel like 100 to 105. a look at night planner in 10
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minutes. joe. new this morning o, construction officials for the enter county connector say they do not plan to add a second turn lane. residents in ulney and rockville complain the loss of a turn lane led to backups. they monitored last week and said it was not extensive enough to justify adding another lane. a turn lane was removed to keep traffic moving north to the icc entrance nearby. right now more than 100 people are without a home after this massive apartment fire in prince george's county. firefighters rescued a woman and baby from the top floor as flames shot through the roof in parts of this complex. they rescued six others. the fire started in the sutton walk apartments in new carrollton late last night. firefighters say it was on the second floor which made it impossible for the people on the third and fourth floor to leave through the inside stairwell. the accuracy of the fire remains
6:34 am
under investigation. today a high stakes battle over debit card fees will come to a vote in the senate. this is a live look at the capitol this morning. this faceoff is over so-called swipe fees which retailers are forced to pay banks every time you use your debit card. merchants pay $16 billion a year in those fees but it would cap the fees at 12 cents a swipe. down from an average of 44 cents. without the cap they may have to raise prices. house democrat earl pwraouplenhour sent a letter to the director of the national parks service. he said whether pay lip should reimburse the parks for any
6:35 am
expenses they incurred as a result of their visit or if they treated them as other american families. and a secret trip the first lady took with her daughters over memorial day weekend. chicago sun times reports mrs. obama and sasha and malia went to chicago, went to wedding and barmitzvah and returned to washington without anyone noticing. students are graduating at a higher rate than any other place in the country. graduation rate in montgomery county is at the top of the class. this is the third straight year the magazine recognized montgomery county as number one in the nation. here's the list. fairfax is number 2, followed by baltimore. arundel comes in at number six. >> kudos to all our schools. >> and this is the time of year. school is getting near the end of the year for them.
6:36 am
anyone ten know unveils its new wi system. what's making this new gaming system a little different. >> we had four bags. delta air liness only allows three bags. over three bags you have to pay for. >> u.s. soldiers on their way home from afghanistan go on youtube to complain about airline fees. why they were charged near $3,000 >> new study that says drinking too much coffee makes you see things and hear things. hope your air-conditioning is working correctly.
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this is like an iceberg volcano. it's like lightning in a snowball. it's like frozen hot chocolate. ah! ah! you got it! yeah, i was just reading what was on the cup. try our new dunkin' donuts frozen hot chocolate. it's like frozen hot chocolate. america runs on dunkin'.
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welcome back at 6:39.
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you can see the haze already starting to build. tom kierein in storm center 4. >> it's pleasant. this is the most comfortable time of the day. good morning. right now we're in the 60s in the suburbs and hazy skies all around the area. reagan national, 72. low 70s by the bay. and in addition to the high heat and humidity, we'll have a decreasing air quality, air pollution building this afternoon. unhealthy air quality. if you have a heart or respiratory ailment, stay inside. northwest washington in the foreground. off in the distance is arlington county there on the horizon. high rises of arlington there. and you can see the thick summer haze beginning to build. by 9:00, 80. hazy sunshine throughout the day. highs near upper 90s by midafternoon. and it will feel like 100 to 105 by midafternoon. 5:00, still hot in the mid-90s. around 90 by then.
6:41 am
by 11:00 near 80. by dawn tomorrow, down into the low to mid-70s. but another hot day on thursday. and then we heavy on the way friday into the weekend. details on that at 6:51. now let's check traffic on this wednesday morning. jerry edwards, how is it looking? >> tom, we continue to follow breaking news in montgomery county. chopper 4 remains over the scene of a deadly motorcycle accident. ramp from the inner loop remains closed while that investigation does continue. with the ramp being closed you can see they are starting to see a good size delay just above the american legion bridge to river road. the ramp from the outer loop to go in on river road is open and available. that's what you want to do as you make your way to that ramp. outer loop as the ramp from the were loop to river road does remain closed.
6:42 am
quite a busy morning elsewhere. couple pockets of congestion. en route to the split for the capital beltway. one more stop. the beltway leaving i-95, 395 through the work zone running very slowly to i-66. that's the inner loop. outer loop looks pretty did between 66 and springfield. out to catch a train. still a clean slate. metro, vre, marc, no delays some jerry, thank you very much. it is the end of an era here on news 4 today. one of us is leaving today. >> no one in congress is coming to the defense of anthony
6:43 am
the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them.
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nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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welcome back. new yorkers are weighing in on anthony weiner's scandal. 51% say the congressman should keep his seat on capitol hill. another 30% said he should step down. 18% said they weren't sure. this morning republican house leaders are calling for congressman weiner to resign. meanwhile, members of his own party say they can't support him. >> i know congressman weiner. i wish there was some way i can defend him, but i can't. >> he lied about sending a lewd picture to a woman on twitter and having inappropriate relationships online. nancy pelosi formerly asked to see if weiner broke any rules.
6:46 am
today we'll find out what's next for d.c. council member accused of corruption. they met behind closed doors yesterday to talk about ward 5 member harry thomas junior's situation. he's accused of spending more than $300,000 in district money on lavish trips and an expensive suv. that chairmanship could be stripped from him. they filed a lawsuit to try to get the money back. an investigation into police escorts for celebrities in the district has led to a shakeup. that's according to washington city paper. internal document shows three mid-ranking officers had to be transferred to control services. according to the police union, that is considered punishment. special ops division organizes police escorts and came under fire after charlie sheen posted a picture of what turned out to be an unauthorized escort. 6:46. in the day ahead, president obama will talk about educating the workforce. he heads over to northern
6:47 am
virginia community college in alexandr alexandria. he will prepare americans to enter into the manufacturing industries. german chancellor angela merkel continues her visit to the states. >> to freedom, which must be struggled for and then defended anew every day of our lives. >> and guests enjoyed the warm weather and dining al fresco and were treated to entertainment from grammy award-winner james taylor. soldiers returning from afghanistan were hit with $2,800 by bag fees from delta air lines. they were so upset about the charges they posted a video on
6:48 am
youtube. >> 20 bags. >> what do you mean too many bags? >> well, we had four bags. delta air lines only allows three bags. over three bags you have to pay for. even though there's a contract between the united states government and delta air lines when returning from afghanistan on military orders. >> apparently delta's contract with the government does allow only three bags not the four these soldiers checked. one soldier says the extra bag he had to pay $200 to get on the airplane contained his tools. his tools, he said, were m 4 assault rifle, grenade launcher. one piece of good news for frequent flyers. long tarmac delays are dawn drama lick due to part to government's big fines. but the delays have not totally
6:49 am
disappeared yet. in the past year, there have been 20 on tarmac delays of three hours or more. tarmac delays may be down but flight delays are up. bertha coombs joins us with more on this story >> april showers brought a lot of late airplanes. the government says nearly a quarter of all domestic flights were delayed. that means 15 minutes past schedule. lots of rainy weather contributing to the delays. carriers canceled 2% of their flights in april. the worst month for delays in more than a decade. and nintendo takes the wraps off its new gaming system. no price has been set. but it does sport a wireless controller pad with six-inch touch screen display. the games appear in high-def, which is a first for nintendo and can be displayed simultaneously on the controller and your tv. analysts were under whepld for
6:50 am
the most part. it is evolutionary not revolutiona revolutionary. but the great thing is you can play it in bed next to your spouse and not have to disturb them. so you can do it in the dark. i don't know. i don't do gameng. >> bertha, if you are playing that next to your spouse in bed there are other problems that we probably can't be talking about on tv. oh, my goodness gracious. to each his own, right? >> i'm just putting it out there. >> yeah. bertha, thanks so much. >> more than we needed to know. >> yeah, really. well, we all know there are certain side effects that come with your morning cup of coffee. >> are you drinking so much caffeine you're actually starting to hallucinate. latrobe university found out stressed out coffee lovers are three times more likely to see or hear imaginary things. 92 people with varied stress and caffeine intake were forced to
6:51 am
listen to bing crosby's white christmas. then they turned the music off. they were listened to static and were asked to press a buzzer if they still heard the song. 15% reported delusional experiences. did the coffee cause that or the song tkhaus? cause that? >> it's happening already. >> what are you talking about? see, i don't drink coffee. >> that's why you're so focused. >> i don't hear the duck that you hear. >> exactly. >> well, this morning you want to act like a dug and maybe get into the pond. because it is going to be uncomfortably hot. by later this afternoon. right now it's comfortable. we're in the mid-60s in the suburbs and rural areas to near 70 in washington and prince george's county. southern maryland near the bay. west and north generally in the low to mid-60s. and the other temperatures around out of the mountains, certainly relief from the heat there.
6:52 am
and later today not going to be nearly as hot there as we will be east of the blue ridge and around the bay. and the view from space showing deep, high pressure pushing in from the midwest. it's going to be right on top of us here beginning later today, into don't and tomorrow. it will bring stagnant air as well as lots of sunshine. and that is a recipe for high heat and humidity as well. as poor air quality. in fact, we'll have a code orange for low air quality. if you have a heart or respiratory ailment stay inside because of air pollution building. we have had the humidity build. here's a live view from sky watcher. northwest washington in the foreground. fairfax on the horizon. you can barely make it out with the haze. humidity increasing. near 90 by noon time. middle of the afternoon, upper 90s. record high 98. it will feel like 100 to 105 by midafternoon. respect the heat. if you have to be outside, take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water. by 7:00, it will still be near
6:53 am
90. by dawn tomorrow, low to mid-70s. but another very hot day with hazy sunshine on thursday. near 100 degrees tomorrow. might get an isolated storm tomorrow. small chance of that as well as into the evening. a greater chance on friday and into the weekend with cooler weather coming in. each day friday, saturday, sunday, chance of passing showers and storms. drying out as we start off next week. jerry, how is traffic now? >> tom, breaking news in montgomery county. and it is good news. chopper 4 over the scene of what had been the investigation into the deadly motorcycle accident. ramp from the inner loop to go on to river road. the ramp has reopened. authorities are letting traffic move again. still one vehicle in the area. ramp to river road has reopened. so very good news there. the investigation has been completed. elsewhere, the rush hour on the top side of the beltway. new hampshire avenue, georgia avenue, lanes are open. inner loop, new traffic program.
6:54 am
new hampshire avenue, be very careful paying close attention to the new lane markings if you're headed that direction. one more stop this go round, 395 loaded up, edsell. if you're headed out to catch a train, good news there, metro, vre, marc, no delays. joe, eun. >> jerry, thank you very much. >> before we leave there is one more thing we have to do and it is a very difficult thing to do indeed. >> it is indeed. we have to say good-bye to a long-time member of our team. aside from tom kierein, the longest member of our team. jerry edwards is leaving today. it's his last day with news 4 today. >> yeah. what am i supposed to do? say good-bye? take a look at this. >> jerry has been doing traffic for news 4 since 1986, almost exactly 5 years. when he started it was linda
6:55 am
lopez, tom kierein, and jerry. they all looked a lot different back then. but with jerry you would never know. he was the unseen, disembodied voice clearly and accurately describing washington's traffic troubles. >> not quite. we're trying to get there. >> he stayed invisible for many years. even after barbara harrison and i took over in 1994. >> finally, with the approval of the witness protection program, he came out of hiding and started doing traffic from the news 4 traffic cave in silver spring. >> now let's check on the traffic, jerry. how is it? >> hey, tom, for the most part the it is okay. >> we not only saw jerry's face but jerry's hair. parted on the side and slicked back. >> good morning, everyone. >> the hair cuts may have changed over the years but a lot of things about jerry have not. his easy-going manner.
6:56 am
his delightful sense of humor. his fierce determination to get information up to washington commuters quickly and most importantly, accurately. and his professionalism. so thank you, jerry. and farewell. >> there he is, jerry. it has been a pleasure. >> it has been a pleasure. it's been almost 25 years. it's hard to say good by. but time marchs on. thank you for allowing us to come into your home. i'll miss you. take care. >> thanks for the kind words. for us it has not on been amazing with your professionalism and your being on top of traffic but you are a wonderful friend you one of the nicest human beings in this business and it's been fun working with you. >> right back at you. all the folks that put this show together, in the control room, the newsroom, wonderful group of people. >> jerry, we'll miss you so much. >> and i'll miss you.
6:57 am
>> we've seen a lot on the roads. >> lots of changes over the years. lots of changes. >> we've been together 17 years. you guys have been together almost 25. >> yeah. i think i talked to you 10,000 times. >> at least. >> but it's been an honor, honor to be working with you, jerry. you are the best of the best in traffic coverage and we are really, really going to miss. >> thank you. and i will miss you all. >> all the best, jerry. >> best wishes. >> that is news 4 today. thank you for starting your day with us. >> a special edition of the "today" show is next. another farewell. meredith vieira's last day on the "today" show. see you tomorrow morning at
6:58 am
6:59 am
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